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The Self Directed training bundle allows you to access all "on demand" training resources while your subscription is current. Our internal and external trainers will be updating course materials as the product and our customers needs evolve. We will continue to add additional "on demand" courses to the current selection.

Your Instructor

James Johnston
James Johnston

James has had the pleasure of showing people all over the world how to work with MicroSurvey and Leica Geosystems products for the past decade.

Courses Included with Purchase

1.2 Map360 Printing Basics
In this 8 part class you will learn to use pre-defined layouts to easily produce a scaled print or PDF with layer support.
James Johnston
2.0 Forensic Diagraming
In this 6 part class you will apply Map360's 2D architectural features to create an interior crime scene diagram from room measurements
James Johnston
2.0 Accident Reconstruction
In this 6 part class you will explore a selection of physics analysis tools in Map360.
James Johnston
2.0 Map360 Symbols
In this 10 part class you will explore the many tools for using, modifying and augmenting your drawing using the symbol library.
James Johnston
2.0 Map360 Imagery and Georeferencing
In this 10 part class you will gain experience inserting and using aerial images from a variety of sources, and linking your map to a global reference system.
James Johnston
2.0 Map360 Pointcloud 2D
This 10 part class is designed to introduce students to performing 2D oriented drafting tasks with pointcloud data.
James Johnston
3.0 Map360 Evidence Markers
In this 4 part hands on class you will practice referencing digital information in your drawing and reports using Map360's Evidence Marker system
James Johnston
3.0 Map360 Printing Advanced
This 14 part class is ideal for the "Technical Leader" within your department. The course guides you through the process of creating a custom drawing template.
James Johnston
3.0 Pointcloud 3D
Apply and discover Map360's orientation methods while creating a 3D model of an interior crime scene.
James Johnston
4.0 Pointcloud Trajectory Analysis
This 3 part class will train you to create trajectory cones from pointcloud data
James Johnston
4.0 Pointcloud QA Protocol
This 4 part class will guide you through creating a Scanner QA Protocol Report to establish the accuracy of your Leica scanner.
James Johnston
4.0 Pointcloud Truspace, Cameras and Map360 Visualize Features
Truspace and Cameras are tools for simulating the view of a scene from a given perspective. Learn to use these tools in this 8 part class.
Christopher Clemente
4.0 Pointcloud Blood Pattern Analysis
This 5 part class is designed to teach students how to use the BPA functions in Map360 with pointcloud data and generate a report.
Christopher Clemente
(Legacy) Map360 3.1 and Older Drawing Basics
Learn the fundamentals of creating drawings and navigating the interface of Map360 3.1 and older in this hands-on curriculum.
James Johnston
(Legacy) Map360 3.1 and older Forensic Mapping
Prerequisite: Map360 Drawing basics. Build your drawing skills by practicing new skills with forensic data from a variety of forensic sensors.
James Johnston
(Legacy) Map360 3.1 and older Point Cloud 2D
Prerequisite: Map360 Drawing basics. Learn to import, manage, view and perform 2D oriented drawing tasks with point cloud data.
James Johnston
(Legacy) Map360 3.1 and older Point Cloud 3D
Prerequisite: Map360 Point Cloud 2D. Expand your point cloud skill set with user coordinate systems, 3D architectural tools and 3D forensic analysis tools.
James Johnston

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as you have enrolled.
How long do I have access to the course?
This is a subscription based training service. You have access to your course to the end of the month that your subscription expires.
How do I pay sales tax?
The price does not include applicable taxes. It is up to the individual or business owner to calculate and submit the state, provincial or federal taxes to the correct tax authority.

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