You may have noticed in your latest visit that the four courses being offered at Leica IMS School are now tagged as "Legacy" classes. On June 2, 2020 you can expect to see the launch of both the next generation of Map360 and a of a complete rewrite of the Leica IMS School Curriculum. Map360 release 4.0 is a dramatic change from Map360 3.1 and older, with the object in every way to offer a streamlined workflow that is simpler to learn and more intuitive. These ambitious changes resulted in a need to completely change our training materials.

If you're new to Map360 4.0 you will find that training time is greatly reduced. And if you're an occasional user of Map360 you will find the product is much easier to pick up and be productive with in a short time. If you're an experienced user of Map360 you'll be pleased at how quickly you adapt to the new interface... our testers' their usual response to the changes they are seeing is "Why didn't you guys do this ages ago??"

The four "Legacy" courses will be supplanted by 20 completely new courses that we will invite new users to take advantage of. The "Legacy" courses will continue to be available for a reasonable time for users who wish to complete their certification or who wish to use the old course videos and materials as reference, but they will eventually be removed from Leica IMS School.

Thanks for your support from the Leica IMS team.